TRIBE Protein Shake Pack 12 (Mixed)

TRIBE Protein Shake Pack 12 (Mixed)


Tribe Protein Shake Pack (12 Pack)

Delicious protein shake blends providing 20g vegan protein per shake. Made using a blend of the best quality pea & rice proteins providing all essential amino acids to help build lean muscle and aid recovery. 8 natural ingredients only. Perfect for breakfast or post-workout.
Products include

4 x Cocoa + Sea Salt Protein Shake

  • 4 x Vanilla + Cinnamon Protein Shake

  • 4 x Raspberry + Goji Protein Shake
    Key nutrition per 40g serve

144 kcal
20g Protein
12g Carbohydrates
1g  Fat

Key Benefits

20g natural protein for Recovery, No preservatives or artificial sweeteners, Simple natural ingredients

Gluten Free
Dairy Free 

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