TRIBE Marathon Training Pack 18 (Mixed)

TRIBE Marathon Training Pack 18 (Mixed)


Marathon Training Pack (18 Pack)

Balanced Training Pack to give you the energy you need on the road and protein to recover faster and go again tomorrow.

Box Contents

2 x Peanut Butter + Banana Infinity Energy

2 x Chia + Cocoa Nibs Protein Bar

1 x Sour Cherry Energy Bar

1 x Goji Berry + Coconut Protein Bar

1 x Raspberry + Goji Protein Shake

2 x Cocoa + Sea Salt Protein Shake

1 x Scafell: Cacao & Banana Trail Mix

1 x Lemon + Matcha Hydrate Drink

1 x Vanilla + Cinnamon Protein Shake

1 x Hadrian: Mango & Cashew Trail Mix

1 x Strawberry Hydrate Drink

1 x Cacao + Orange Energy Bar

3 x Choc Salt Caramel Infinity EnergyKey Benefits

Balanced pack to give meet your energy and recovery needs, Performance sports nutrition from natural whole foods, Try products from across the TRIBE range

Dairy Free

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