TRIBE Protein Bar Pack (18 Bars Mixed)

TRIBE Protein Bar Pack (18 Bars Mixed)


Tribe Protein (18 Pack)


Tribe’s recovery bars are formulated with 2:1 carbohydrate to protein for optimal recovery. All the performance benefits in our bars are delivered from natural whole foods – no preservatives, emulsifiers or any other ingredients you can’t pronounce or understand.

Products include

Bogoya Banana Protein Bar x 4

 Chia & Cocoa Nib Protein Bar x 5

Goji Berry & Coconut Protein Bar x 5

Mountain Maca & Honey Protein Bar x 4

Key nutrition per 40g serve

256 kcal

10g Protein

26g Carbohydrates

12g Fat


Key Benefits

Optimal carbohydrate to protein ratio for fast recovery, Convenient on the go source of protein, Simple natural ingredients, Great tasting bars


 Gluten Free & Dairy Free

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